24 February 2021

For any organisation, equality, diversity and inclusivity are key cornerstones to building a strong, engaged and open workforce. Over the last year, we have seen a number of employers taking steps to improve their understanding of equality, diversity and inclusivity issues. Many have opened up the dialogue with staff members, as well as implementing or developing programs, initiatives and support to develop their businesses and workforce.

The first step for many employers here is to collect data from their employees and other members of staff on a range of matters relating to equality, diversity and inclusivity. This step is arguably the most difficult, not least because employers need to grapple with diverging rules across multiple jurisdictions on what data they can and cannot collect.

Bird & Bird has produced guidance to help you.

Our comparative chart contains a traffic light system and explanations to help you answer important questions, such as what diversity data employers can collect and how they can use such data lawfully.

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