Status of ratification

No. The agreement will be ratified only after it is approved by the Slovak Parliament; Slovak Parliament has not approved the agreement and according to publicly available sources, the approval of the agreement is not yet on its agenda. It is likely Slovakia will wait until the system is operational.

Local or Regional CFI 

There are no confirmed plans for a local or regional division, although a regional division with Czech Republic is being discussed.

Location/Venue of CFI

The CFI – if any - is likely to be in Brno in the premises of the Supreme Administrative Court.


One national judge and 2 judges from the pool.


No information as yet.

UP/UPC implementing legislation

Implementation of the Unified Patent Agreement in Slovakia would not require to adopt/repeal any legal regulation. However, these materials state that it seems appropriate only to amend the Slovak Civil Procedure Act and the Judicial Enforcement Procedure Act with an aim to include the decisions of the Unified Patent Court into the bases for the judicial enforcement of obligations. There is currently no information on the status of these amendments. The ratification process is idle at the moment. It is difficult to predict when any next steps will be taken, but it is doubtful that anything will happen before the UPC starts functioning at the end of 2017. Slovakia will very likely want to see and observe how the system functions before it ratifies.

Other UP matters of interest 

No information as yet.

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