Czech Republic






Status of ratification

No. The impact of the UPC on Czech industry and the wider economy still needs to evaluated. The renewal fees for the Unitary Patent and the proposals concerning court fees and reimbursement of representation make the system far less attractive. There are also concerns over the quality of the machine translations into Czech that need to be addressed.

Local or Regional CFI 

There are no confirmed plans for a local or regional division, although a regional division with Slovakia is being discussed.

Location/Venue of CFI

The CFI – if any - is likely to be in Brno in the premises of the Supreme Administrative Court.


No information as yet.


No information as yet.

UP/UPC implementing legislation

No information as yet.

Other UP matters of interest 

No information as yet

Twobirds contact 

Vojtech Chloupek, Jiri Maly