There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to cyber preparation.

The current response of the business sector to cyber risk is erratic and often misguided. There is a tendency to waste time, energy and money in searching for a ‘silver bullet’ and adopting a patchwork strategy in the misguided aspiration to cyber-attack-proof the system.

Businesses should adopt an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to cyber resilience.

In order to offer clients a more complete solution to cyber protection we have teamed up with:

  • forensic IT and penetration testing experts, Context IS
  • a PR agency specialising in crisis communications and management, MHP
  • specialist cyber insurance brokers, Aon
  • a cyber assessment specialist, Crossword CyberSecurity

What is different about CyberBox?

The combination of a multidisciplinary specialist approach is unique in the UK marketplace.

The CyberBox team came together as a result of a set of common beliefs:

  • Businesses are overly focused on finding a technological panacea to ward off all cyberattacks. Too much time, attention and money is being wasted on this quest.
  • Businesses fixate on protection and are as a result inadequately prepared for a cyber incident when it occurs. In reality it is a matter of 'when' not 'if' you will be successfully attacked.
  • Too many businesses are happy to see cyber threats as the sole domain of the CIO or their equivalent. We are adamant that you need a wider skills set. Unless you adopt a multidisciplinary approach you will not be prepared to deal with all of the potential impacts of a serious cyber incident.

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