Employment Law Challenges in Asia

16 May 2016

11.45 - 14.00

Bird & Bird, 15 Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1JP

Current Employment Challenges in Asia - Three Hot Topics

In the employment law arena across Asia, the inflexible and complex legal environment brings with it significant challenges for employers. This is particularly the case at the moment with the financial challenges we are all experiencing across the Region but particularly in China. Reorganisations and restructures especially in labour-intense industries of China require careful management. We will look at these challenges across China, Singapore and Hong Kong.

When things go wrong, we all need to have an awareness of how the employment litigation is likely to play out. Asia is developing quickly with many employees becoming more sophisticated and likely to turn to litigation when they are not satisfied with how they have been treated. We will highlight the developments we are seeing in this area.

Finally, with social platforms becoming increasingly universal, the era of big data and social media has arrived. The internet and the social media exposes employers to many more legal risks. We will help you gain an awareness of those risks and what you might do to mitigate them.

Bird & Bird Asia Employment Team will host the seminar and share with you our experience in Hong Kong, Singapore and China for the following areas:

  • Reduction of force in reorganisations and restructures
  • Labour litigation
  • Social media in the workplace

Our keynote speakers are:

  • Pattie Walsh, Partner and Co-Head of Asia-Pacific, International Employment Group
  • Ying Wang, Partner and Head of China, International Employment Group
  • Goh Seow Hui, Partner, Singapore, International Employment Group

Light lunch and refreshments will be provided.

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