Aerospace, Defence & Security breakfast briefing: Is the UK fighting the last war?

08 July 2015

08.00 - 10.00

Bird & Bird, 15 Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1JP

With a threat environment the like of which we have never seen in history for its diversity and pace of change, and technological revolution all around us, does the UK defence and security inventory provide the relevant capabilities to meet these challenges? The re-emergence of old adversaries in the form of Russia are a sharp reminder that the nature of the threats for last twenty years are not always the threats of the future. And insurgent armies acting like states and states acting like insurgents further confuses what was once an orderly view of our global adversaries. Our ability to out-punch a peer adversary is questionable, but would we be able to outwit them? The signs are not positive as we maintain inventories of legacy equipment and make radical cuts to R&D spending. Furthermore we are seeing the advent of an array of revolutionary new technologies (advanced weapons, unmanned systems, cyber etc.) that our existing and future adversaries are embracing while we remain constrained in our overall budget level but as importantly in the choices that we are making. More than ever before we need some radical thinking to ensure our peace and prosperity – is the nation up for it?

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Presentation with Dr Andrew Tyler, Chief Executive Europe, Northrop Grumman Corporation