Under siege - handling a business reputation crisis in the digital world

21 June 2012

Our Intellectual Property and Dispute Resolution associates held a seminar on Thursday 21 June entitled 'Under siege - handling a business reputation crisis in the digital world'

You arrive at work to find that an employee has posted derogatory comments about a competitor on a social media website and is threatening to publish confidential information about your company. The press pick up on the story and contact you for comment; meanwhile the story spreads through social media websites. What do you do? How could you have prevented this? 

Our associates from our Dispute Resolution and Intellectual Property groups discussed a reputation management case study. We demonstrated the practical and legal issues surrounding the use of defamation, privacy and confidentiality, and suggested solutions to deploy where reputation is at stake. We also outlined strategies for dealing with both the traditional press and social media in times of crisis, and some ideas to help to prevent such events in the first place.

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The programme

17.30 - 18.00
Registration and refreshments

18.00 - 18.05
Welcome and introduction

18.05 - 18.55
A practical reputation management case study, covering topics including:

  • Defamation and privacy
  • Practical and legal responses to allegations in the press, online and in social media
  • Confidentiality and privacy, and what to do when faced with disclosure of confidential information
  • Advice on prevention, including social media policies

18.55 - 19.00

19.00 - 21.00
Drinks and canapés


Patrick Charnley, Associate - IP (Chair)

Luke Arbuthnot, Associate - Dispute Resolution

Nick Boydell, Associate - IP

Dania Rifaat, Associate - Dispute Resolution

Devika Khopkar, Trainee - Dispute Resolution