The future is...wireless seminar

28 February 2012

Wireless communications are proliferating, rapidly permeating and facilitating an increasing number of human activities. This is opening up exciting and highly beneficial opportunities for human society, but also posing new legal and regulatory challenges.

We believe these opportunities need to be explored. The focus to date has mainly been around mobile communications and spectrum capacity. The near and longer-term issues are much broader. This seminar will therefore adopt a more multi-sector approach, looking at the future impact of wireless communications on society and the economy in new and emerging areas such as medicine, money, security, transport, energy management and entertainment. The panel of well-known and expert speakers will be addressing questions such as:

  • What kind of market-place and new businesses could evolve as a result of wireless-enabled communications?
  • Which sectors are likely to be most affected?
  • What needs to change to allow innovation to flourish and reach the market? Where is there grit in the machine?
  • Will we need new laws or regulations and here are we masters of our own destiny?
  • What radio frequency spectrum might be required and will there be enough?
  • Where could the disruptive actors emerge?
  • What new commercial relationships and tensions might be spawned?
  • Will open-source triumph in key areas such as medicine, bio-tech, electronics, media and information dissemination, and what does this mean for intellectual property?
  • What security and privacy concerns might darken the horizon? 

Fee: This event is free of charge.

For further information or to register to attend, please contact the Events Team at or call +44 (0)20 7415 6000