Targeted cyber attacks: protecting yourself and your organisation

20 March 2012

2012 saw organisations and their employees exposing even more information online than ever before, particularly through social media channels. Most would consider the dissemination of such ephemeral information to be largely benign. However, many are unintentionally and unknowingly publishing information that leaves them exposed to new forms of attack. Criminals now research target organisations and their employees as a matter of routine before making focused, targeted attacks such as those perpetrated in 2011 against the IMF, RSA and Lockheed Martin.

In this talk we explored organisations' exposure to "hostile reconnaissance" in more detail and outline what you should be doing to mitigate the risks and reduce your exposure to targeted cyber attack.

Speakers for this seminar were:

Alastair Paterson, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Shadows
James Chappell, Chief Technology Officer, Digital Shadows

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The programme

08.00 - 08.30
Registration and breakfast

08.30 - 10.00
Presentations followed by question and answer session