Invest in Games 2012 - Sweden

13 September 2012

The Swedish computer games industry continues to change rapidly.

Just a couple of year's ago, massive online games such as World of Warcraft dominated the scene, then the break-through came for party games such as Singstar and Guitar Hero. After that, Nintendo introduced Wii and motion sensors, and shortly thereafter, Facebook games were introduced and Farmville got over 100 million users. Today, apps for iPhone and Android dominate the development, but at the same time, Swedish online games such as Minecraft and Stardoll have tens of millions of users.

Techniques, business models, game design and marketing go through fundamental changes almost every year. A rapidly changing sector in an exploading market where Sweden is at the top of the world charts - how many other examples are there?

For the fourth consecutive year, Dataspelsbranschen and Bird & Bird have the pleasure of inviting you to the industry's leading event for investors and game developers, with focus on trends and business opportunities within the games sector.

This year's Game Developer Index will be revealed at the event and some of the industry's most important players will participate to share their experiences from projects that have gone from start-ups to listed companies. New this year, is a dragons den where chosen game developers will get the chance of presenting their products for an expert panel.

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Lunch and registration

Welcome and introductions

Introduction and presentation of this year's Game Developers Index
Per Strömbäck, Spokesperson Swedish Games Industry
Jim Runsten, Partner Bird & Bird

Investing in the evolving interactive gaming marketplace to leverage Swedish and Scandinavian strengths globally
Marc Jackson, CEO and Founder, Seahorn Capital

Coffee break

What can Silicon Valley teach Sweden?
Mattias Miksche, CEO and Founder, Stardoll

Carry out your Due Diligence - intellectual property rights and games
Jerker Edström and Per Svanteson, associates Bird & Bird

Dragons Den
Panel and presenting companies to be presented shortly.