Legal Fundamentals - Technology for a Smart Nation

03 February 2015


Maxwell Chambers, Robertson Room, Level 3, 32 Maxwell Road, Singapore 069115

We will cover:

  • Essential legal tips and advice for acquiring technology and negotiating IT contracts.
  • Legal mechanisms that limit risk and liability as corporations tap on growth opportunities in Singapore's Smart Nation Initiative.
  • Key legal strategies to avoid contentious contracts and engender smooth running ICT operations.

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The programme


Capturing Smart Nation growth potential: How to acquire technology and bid for ICT projects
Sandra Seah, Partner and Head of Corporate, ATMD Bird & Bird, Singapore

Acquiring technology or investing in tech firms presents its own set of challenges. We will highlight the various contracting structures and discuss the legal considerations which are unique to ICT M&A deals as companies seek to meet strategic rationales in pursuing international scale, filling portfolio gaps, or enhancing innovation. If you run an ICT business or recently acquired one, we will also guide you through public procurement bids and tenders for ICT projects and innovative service contracts. 

Smart Grids and IoT
Jonathan Kao, Associate, Corporate, ATMD Bird & Bird, Singapore

The Smart Nation initiative is a new nation-wide push in the ongoing effort to harness the advantages of technology. We will look at how ongoing smart grid projects such as the Smart Home Energy Pilot tie in with the latest developments in the Internet of Things (IoT), and potential issues arising from these developments.

Privacy challenges in acquiring and processing data collected via smart meters
Gabriel Voisin, Associate, Privacy and Data Protection, Bird & Bird, London

In light of the recently enacted Singaporean Data Protection Act, we will shed the light on key privacy implications smart meter operators need to be aware of before marketing their services. Parallels will be made with well-established EU data protection regimes (UK and France) and the guidelines issued by national privacy regulators on this topic. 


Complex technology projects - Systems availability beyond service level agreements
Koh Chia Ling, Partner and Head of TMT, ATMD Bird & Bird, Singapore

What is Business Continuity Planning (BCP) in the context of ensuring ICT systems availability? We will provide essential tips and discuss the circumstances in which the contract between the user and the service provider needs to provide for BCP.

Hyper-connected = hyper-risk?   
Roger Bickerstaff, Partner and Head of International IT Sector Group, Bird & Bird, London

Although public regulators have increased cybersecurity scrutiny in light of the Snowden case and other high profile security breaches, we will dispel the myth that cybersecurity needs to be a burden. We will help you navigate the complex evidential issues associated with the use of sensors in IoT contexts which may give rise to civil and criminal liabilities. Multi-vendor public infrastructure projects will also be explored at the implementation stage – how to reduce risk so you can get on with the job.
ICT contract disputes: war stories from the front line
Hamish Fraser, Partner and Head of Information, Communications and Technology Practice, Bird & Bird, Sydney

What issues may lead to a contentious ICT contract? Where might an ICT contract go wrong once signed? What mechanisms are there to resolve technology contract disputes? We will share with you our experiences in IT disputes and their resolution so that you can minimise their effect or avoid the same pitfalls.