Sports sponsorship - new issues for sponsors and rights holders

14 January 2010

Bird & Bird's Sports Group continues its series of sports law breakfast seminars, prompting debate and discussion among industry participants.

Over the last five years the world of sports sponsorship has seen some real changes. Budgets have been cut in response to a global recession, there has been an increased emphasis on corporate social responsibility in sponsor business models, new media continues to present opportunities and risks for sponsors using their partnerships to engage with customers, and sponsors have generally begun to take a more focused approach to what their sponsorships will achieve and look for a new range of deliverables. At the same time, the effect on sport of force majeure-type events like acts of terrorism and pandemics has not gone unnoticed by sponsors, and risk-bearing is now becoming a common feature of sponsorship negotiations. 

In our latest breakfast seminar, we will examine these and other changes and look at how sponsors and rights owners can deal with them to their advantage, maximising their respective returns from sponsorship relationships.

The seminar will be presented by Giles Morgan, Group Head of Sponsorship at HSBC, together with Justin Walkey and Richard Hawkins of the Bird & Bird Sports Group.

If you would like to attend this seminar or require more information, please contact