Bird & Bird's Electricity Interconnectors in Europe Seminar

30 September 2009

Bird & Bird is holding a seminar about Electricity Interconnectors in Europe, on Wednesday 30 September 2009 in Brussels. The seminar will enable senior members of the industry to hear the latest policy position from the highest level in the Commission, and to meet industry and institutional leaders in this field.

The set up of an effective energy infrastructure in Europe and increasingly linking EU-countries by energy transmission systems (interconnectors), has been identified as a major goal by the EU in order to establish the effective operation of an internal energy market, and to secure energy supply in the EU.

In order to boost and to accelerate the implementation and construction of energy networks and to increase the incentives for private investors, the EU has identified the missing links in the transmission infrastructure and ranked them according to their impact for cross-border trade and associated inter-regional exchanges and, further, according to their maturity. Altogether, 314 projects have been identified of which 42 are considered to be high-priority "Projects of European Interest", including international offshore grid and wind farm projects. The total cost estimated by the EU for these projects is about €28 billion.

In this seminar we will take a fresh look at where the EU stands in the implementation of its Interconnector plans, consider current trends and issues, and provide insights in optimising interconnector-related business efforts.

If you would like to attend this seminar or require more information, please contact