Annual Public Procurement Update

15 July 2009

The public sector is a hugely significant market place for suppliers and service providers of all sorts and the current economic climate makes it even more important for most commercial organisations.  It is however an area in which the challenges, opportunities and pressures on both buyers and bidders are changing fast. 

The last year has seen continued important developments in how the public sector carries out its procurements, with real developments on evaluation, remedies and the extent of changes permitted under contract.  At the same time, issues as varied as the increased focus on sustainability in the public sector and the impact of the recession raise important issues and have a real impact on how the government structures projects and procurement. 

This seminar will give you the chance to hear from a wide range of governmental, legal and industry speakers including Michael Bowsher QC (Monckton Chambers), John Kenyon (OGC) and Bruce Harmsworth (Partnerships UK), and share experiences and concerns with other experts in the field.