Re-tender and exit - is incumbency an advantage?

28 November 2012

The fourth and final seminar in its 2012 series of Public Procurement breakfast seminars is on Wednesday 28 November 2012.

Incumbency and what it means in retenders is one of the hardest areas to deal with in government procurement, and one often surrounded by confusion, uncertainty and suspicion.  As incumbent, you will want to look after your confidential information and anything which can give you an edge in the procurement, but will also be worried that past problems and relationship issues may count against you.  As a non-incumbent bidder you will want to get as much information as you can and to see a level playing field, and may want to be reassured that it is worth bidding at all.  As the contracting authority you will want to maximise your chances of getting competitive, deliverable bids and a smooth transition and as part of this to get full cooperation from your incumbent.

This interactive seminar will look at the key procurement, contractual and other legal issues, what they mean in practice and how best to handle this from the perspective of incumbents, bidders and contracting authorities.  It will address among other things the questions of is incumbency an advantage and what does a level playing field really mean?  The session will feature interactive discussion and consideration with attendees of the key legal, practical and tactical issues and approaches and will be guided by the following experienced practitioners in the field:

 Bickerstaff-Roger  Elliott-Peter  Lucas-Richard  Moorcroft-Victoria

Roger Bickerstaff


Peter Elliot


Richard Lucas



The Programme

08.00 - 08.30
Registration and breakfast

08.30 - 10.00
Presentation and interactive workshop


If you're interested in attending this event or for further information, please contact the Events Team at or call +44 (0)20 7415 6000.