Roundtable on the Geo-blocking Regulation

18 September 2018

15:30 - 17:30

Tribes, Amsterdam

As of 3 December 2018, the EU Geo-blocking Regulation will apply. The regulation is relevant for all traders actively offering their goods or services to EU end-users (B2C and B2B) in the EU, regardless of whether the trader is established in the EU or in a third country (i.e. a non-EU Member State).

The new rules prohibit direct and indirect discrimination based on customers' nationality, place of residence or place of establishment. This includes:

  • unjustified geo-blocking,
  • automatic redirection of customers and
  • the application of different conditions of access to and payment conditions for goods and services.

During this interactive event our Bird & Bird experts will flag the hottest issues to lead the discussion on how companies can prepare for the new Geo-blocking Regulation. More information about the Regulation can be found here.

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