Media Seminar

06 March 2012

This seminar will deal with a number of key hot-topics regarding legal issues associated with the use of social media tools by businesses.

Social Media is not only a trend. It represents now a fundamental change in the way businesses interact with their clients. Indeed, businesses are now starting to use social media tools, such as Twitter and Facebook, to promote their activities, boost their visibility and expand their online reach.

However, as the use of social media tools by businesses may a priori seem attractive, essential legal questions must be addressed in order to reduce fundamental risks linked to the use of those tools. Moreover a traditional legal approach may lead to severe reverse effects. Our seminar will review the legal issues associated with the use of international perspective and will suggest revised legal strategies. Our seminar will address questions such as liability, policy, copyright, trade marks, data protection, freedom of speech, personal portrayal right, consumer protection, advertising, etc.

The seminar will be beneficial for in house counsels, heads of marketing, PR and PA consultants and professionals using or considering to use Social Media as part of their communication strategy.

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The programme

15.30 - 16.00
Registration and refreshments

16.00 - 16.30
Social media introduction and secondary liability 

Benoit Van Asbroeck, Partner, Belgium

16.30 - 17.00
Social media and company policy

Roger Bickerstaff, Partner, UK

17.00 - 17.30
Social media and PR including freedom of speech

Marion Barbier, Partner, France

17.30 - 18.00
Social media and IP (trademarks, copyright and Portrait rights)

Benoit Van Asbroeck, Partner, Belgium

18.00 - 18.30
Social media and Data Protection

Alexander Duisberg, Partner, Germany

18.30 - 20.00
Networking drinks and canapés