Dealing with the Insider Threat - Financial Services seminar 3

25 September 2012

With the continuing rise of automated trading in the financial services sector, employers and employees can become involved in increasingly sophisticated disputes over ownership, theft and use of algorithms and code.

This seminar series combines to form a master-class in everything any automated trading firm needs to know, including:

  • What can we do when employees leave with our code or specialist insider knowledge?
  • What if there are disputes relating to IP rights in the algorithms or coding?
  • How do we manage the PR of disputes that suggest we lost valuable data?
  • You are welcome to attend any of the seminars individually or the entire series.

You are welcome to attend any of the seminars individually or the entire series.

For further information, or to register to attend future seminars please contact the Events Team at or call +44 (0)20 7415 6000.

The Programme

08.00 - 10.30 (Registration from 08.00 - 08.30)

In recent years we have seen unprecedented growth in social and digital media. High-value employment claims within the City increasingly attract media attention and recent history has shown that efforts to protect algorithms and similar IP are no different. In our final seminar we consider how best to balance the protection of your investment IP as well as protect your reputation in a truly global 24/7 media world.


David Rigg is Managing Director of Project Associates, a public relations consultancy which specialises in reputation and crisis mangement.  David gives the highest level of reputational advice and crisis mangement to some of the world's largest corporations, governments and individuals.

Phil Sherrell is a partner at Bird & Bird and helps a wide range of corporate clients to protect their reputation. His work is often behind the scenes, helping clients to pre-empt and avoid damaging publicity through use of various legal and non-legal tools, including the innovative use of privacy laws to obtain injunctions to protect the reputations of corporate clients, often working in tandem with the leading PR agencies.

Chaired by Simon Shooter, a partner at Bird & Bird. Simon is joint head of the International Commercial Group and has significant experience with the technology-related elements of the financial services sector. His combination of contentious and non-contentious experience gives him a valuable perspective on software disputes, which he brings to both the strategic and negotiating tables.