Dealing with the Insider Threat - Financial Services seminar 1

13 September 2012

With the continuing rise of automated trading in the financial services sector, employers and employees can become involved in increasingly sophisticated disputes over ownership, theft and use of algorithms and code.

This seminar series combines to form a master-class in everything any automated trading firm needs to know, including:

  • What can we do when employees leave with our code or specialist insider knowledge?
  • What if there are disputes relating to IP rights in the algorithms or coding?
  • How do we manage the PR of disputes that suggest we lost valuable data?
  • You are welcome to attend any of the seminars individually or the entire series.

You are welcome to attend any of the seminars individually or the entire series.

The Programme

08.00 - 10.30 (Registration from 08.00 - 08.30)

We look at the issues which arise when a valued employee moves on, taking algorithms, code or other valuable data.  Topics which will be covered include forensic investigations, the limits of surveillance, contract terms, the armoury of legal weapons and the tactics and reality of Court action.


Daniel Oudkerk QC was lead Counsel for the successful Claimants in the high profile conspiracy and team poaching litigation Tullett Prebon v BGC (2011) and is regularly involved in numerous groundbreaking cases. His financial service sector clients include inter-dealer brokers, hedge funds, insurance brokers, investment banks, asset managers and private equity firms. Daniel is routinely instructed in applications involving injunctions, breach of confidence, restrictive covenants and doorstep delivery up orders and frequently advises on complex remuneration provisions and share schemes.

Warren Wayne is a partner at Bird & Bird and is known for his work in protecting employers’ commercially sensitive information and obtaining injunctions against departing employees in the financial services and technology sectors. He is “renowned for his handling of contentious confidentiality matters and restrictive covenants” (Chambers Global 2011) and is “commended for his commercial guidance... not afraid to come off the fence” (Chambers 2012).

Chaired by Ian Mayes QC, one of the only barristers in practice today who combines a lifetime of experience of complex cross border financial sector disputes and damage limitation strategies with a unique perspective from inside the industry.