Show Me the Money - Investing in IP

31 March 2011

The Bird & Bird Associates presented the second In Focus seminar in the Bird & Bird Associate Lecture Series for 2011.

Our IP, Corporate and Banking Associates presented a case study of key IP considerations arising during the life of a business.

We provided insight into areas such as IP ownership, external investment, obtaining security over IP assets and due diligence issues and solutions. This seminar was particularly relevant to those seeking to set up or invest in IP rich companies, those in the corporate environment seeking to find out more about IP assets in business and those who create or exploit IP.

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Attendees of this seminar may click here for access to the materials.  Please contact the Chair, below, for further information.

The programme



Nick Boydell (Chair)
Welcome and introduction to case study

Tom Snaith
Starting out - From pre-incorporation to a start-up, a brief look at IP considerations relevant to new businesses, including:

  • Who creates IP and who owns it?
  • How and where can the IP be protected?
  • Tax considerations


Aaron Archer
External investment - Whether from friends and family or venture capital, a brief look at IP considerations relevant to investment in a business, including:

  • What is really being invested in?
  • Protecting the investment


David Wallis
Taking security over IP - Key issues for creditors and borrowers, including:

  • Form and content of security documentation
  • Perfection and enforcement


Helen Gavin-Brown
Sale of business
- Due diligence considerations, including:

  • Doing your homework: things to look out for
  • Mountains, molehills and deal breakers
  • Solutions