India: Joys and travails of managing a new home market for a UK defence contractor

24 April 2012

As defence spending in traditional markets declines, UK defence companies are looking more and more to the international market place for growth. At the same time many customer countries around the world increasingly view the development of a domestic defence industry as a necessary adjunct to their sovereign status – and as a source of high quality jobs. UK defence contractors are therefore looking at achieving growth by means of developing an industrial footprint in their international markets.  Challenges faced by the UK defence contractor include:

  • Winning export business
  • Meeting the customer requirement
  • Meeting the resulting industrial commitments made to the customer
  • Building relationships with the customer (Govt and the Services
  • Complying with rules on foreign  investment in the new home market
  • Export regulations
  • Understanding and operating in accordance with governance norms in-country
  • Operating in accordance with UK (and other, e.g US and EU) compliance norms
  • Preserving the integrity of the business that exists in the existing home markets
  • Political and media pressures from both new and old home markets

The country head in the new home market is the focus for developing and delivering the strategy for growth in the new home market: this talk will address some of the issues the country head faces in meeting the challenge they have been given.

The Programme

Registration and Breakfast

Presentations followed by question and answer session
Andrew Gallagher, Managing Director and Chief Executive - India, BAE Systems