Webinar: Reductions In Force - A practical look at handling the employment law challenges in Asia-Pacific

28 June 2016

9am GMT (10am CET, 5pm HKT)

The webinar offers an overview of the challenges encountered by employers on a daily basis when implementing RIFs in the Asia-Pac region and provides practical tips on how to overcome them. More specifically, the topics covered will include:

  • The employment legal framework governing RIFs in Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore
  • A view of the local market in particular with regard to the use and amount of any ex gratia payments and additional benefits
  • What goes wrong most frequently and how such errors could be avoided or reduced
  • A look to the future - any key changes on the horizon that could potentially influence future RIF planning

The webinar is led by Pattie Walsh (Co-Head of our Asia-Pac Employment Practice) as well as members of our highly regarded International Employment team from Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore - Kristy Peacock-Smith, Ying Wang, Jeannette Tam and Goh Seow Hui.

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