Travel and Wellness: Capitalising on the opportunities in this $4.5 trillion industry

04 February 2020

09:00 - 10:00 GMT

online webinar

Wellness is a global industry worth over $4.5 trillion and it is widely acknowledged as more than just a passing trend. Travel brands are increasingly seeking to tap into consumers' desire to be healthier, happier and more sustainable, using it as an opportunity to increase loyalty and attract new revenues.

Consumers are keen to maximise their precious time into memorable experiences which allow them to maintain (or improve) their existing nutrition and fitness routines, seek out new destinations or curated experience or 'reset' from digital overload, all whilst minimising their carbon footprint and reducing waste. Wellness travel is not just for digital nomads, eco-warriors or millennials searching for the perfect social media post. For the business traveller, optimizing productivity in flight and arriving well rested and nourished have become the focus. Products and services which allow frequent flyers to improve their performance when away and mitigate downtime after a trip are in high demand.

Wellness represents a significant commercial opportunity for businesses throughout the travel sector but we know taking that first step can be daunting.

Join our experts who'll guide you through the Wellness landscape, outlining key trends and opportunities in Wellness tourism and helping you to navigate this exciting new market whilst avoiding the pitfalls. We'll be joined by a very special guest, Papillon Luck, founder of 15th Degree, an innovative supplements brand bridging the gap between Wellness and business travel and tackling the issues associated with long-haul travel fatigue, who'll share her experiences and insights. We look forward to hosting you at what is sure to be a lively and engaging session!

This is the latest event in Bird & Bird's Travel programme: a forum for members of the travel industry to network with peers, hear about the latest industry trends and developments, share common experiences and challenges and learn from others.

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