Bird & Bird Disruptive Technology Seminar

13 November 2014

12.30 - 18.00

Bird & Bird, Munich Office, Maximiliansplatz 22, 80333 Munich, Germany

These are technologies that have the potential to transform and challenge life, business and the global economy. This is a subject that raises many legal and commercial issues that affect companies not only internally, through new processes and systems, but also externally, with a need to protect companies from new entrants in the market with the potential to challenge those already established in their sectors.

As more sectors realise the potential that lies in these technologies it is becoming increasingly commonplace. Many of these technologies have the ability to change consumption patterns and fundamentally change the nature of work for employees both in manufacturing and knowledge work. Disruptive Technologies also has the potential to create entirely new products and services, as well as shifting pools of value between produces or from producers to consumers. 

This event is aimed at all in-house legal counsel and has the potential to effect all types of businesses. This session will focus on the legal and commercial issues in relation to the Disruptive Technologies of:

  • Big Data
  • Internet of Things
  • 3D Printing

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The programme

Lunch and registration

Big Data, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0
Dr. Alexander Duisberg, Partner and Sven-Erik Heun, Partner

Coffee Break

3D Printing
Dr. Markus Körner, Partner

Drinks Reception