Public-Private Partnerships & Investments in Africa

25 October 2017

ISCAE, 8114 Route de Nouasseur, Casablanca, Morocco

The African continent is booming. At the heart of this momentum, Africa seeks today to attract investments to support its ambitions for development and growth.

Given the importance of investments development in Africa (including Public-Private Partnerships, which are an important lever to enable the continent to meet its development objectives and achieve its future ambitions), the ISCAE Group, in partnership with the international law firm Bird & Bird, launches a training course in two seminars of 4 days each (25-28 october and 22-25 november), with the following objectives:

  • Regarding PPPs:
    • Mastering the conditions for the use of PPP contracts;
    • Anticipating the new conditions for using PPP contracts;
    • Knowing the conditions and key points of a successful negotiation;
    • Securing the drafting of contractual clauses;
    • Mastering the operational and financial aspects and the monitoring of the PPP contract.

  • Regarding other forms of investments:
    • Mastering the various forms of investments;
    • Securing the drafting of legal clauses in the contractual documentation of the investment (investment protocol, shareholder’s agreement, acquisition contract, etc.);
    • Developing skills on subjects involving notions of international taxation and intellectual property.


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