Conference on Digital Law: Identifying new rules to support the digital transformation

25 September 2015

08:30 - 11:30

Paris Marriott Opera Ambassador Hotel
16 Boulevard Haussmann
75009 Paris

Digital transformation, or digitalisation, is currently a subject of universal attention, and constitutes one of the major channels of growth and development in industrialised countries.

As witnessed by the European Commission’s recent communication on the “Digital Single Market” as well as the “Digital Ambition” report produced in June by the French National Digital Council [Conseil National Numérique], intensive institutional activity exists in support of the phenomenon, and in favour of the stated need to redefine national and European regulatory structures.

At the heart of digital transformation lies the issue of control of data, the strategic and economic value of which continues to grow ceaselessly. Whether the subject is big data, connected objects or smart cities, access to data achieved by new uses constitutes the overriding issue of the digital economy, leading to the emergence of concepts such as data law or data management. Nearly twenty years after its first appearance, the notion of database producers’ sui generis right has never seemed to be so much in the news, with the European Court of Justice continuing in its judicial work of determining the terms under which this now key asset should be protected.

In such circumstances the activity of European institutions and the CNIL (French data protection authority) with regard to protection of personal data takes on ever greater importance, far from being limited to the highly publicised right to be forgotten Amongst the main themes being considered by European regulators are targeting and traceability of individuals or indeed security of data exchanged between persons and automated data collection and processing systems.

Such emphasis of issues related to data should not overshadow those relating to software. Between an apparent hardening of the courts’ attitudes towards publishers and their compliance audit processes and the final act of the IBM/ MAIF saga, software and its integration into business continues to create judicial news.

Bird & Bird Paris invites you to participate in a comprehensive overview covering the major topical issues concerning digital law, facilitated by experts from our Commercial/ IT department.

Please note that this event will be held in French.


The conference will be animated by :
  • Julie Ruelle, Nathalie Metallinos (Counsels)
  • Nana Botchorochvili, Benjamin Znaty, Eve-Laure Peron (Associates)

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