Business secrecy within companies: from the current regime to the future European Directive

02 June 2015

08.15 - 10.30

World Trade Center Lyon - Tour Oxygène – 10/12 Boulevard Marius Vivier Merle - 69003 Lyon cedex 3

Informed by the Directive under discussion at the European Parliament, Bird & Bird invites you to a breakfast meeting on the theme of business secrecy within companies.

On the agenda:
  • European Directive on protection of business secrecy: aims, guidelines and state of play?
  • Secrecy and company relations with partners: practical guidance to adopting the best contractual provisions
  • Secrecy and litigation: guarding against new, offensive procedural practices, and preserve business secrecy within proceedings
  • Secrecy against labour law: how to ensure company secrecy in compliance with the obligations of labour law?