Finland: Intellectual property rights in working life

08 April 2014


Bird & Bird Helsinki, Mannerheimintie 8, 00100 Helsinki

How can the results of specialist's work be measured and rewarded?

Can a company utilize specialist know-how of an ex-employee?

What can be agreed about protection of trade secrets?

What kind of contractual terms are regarded as unreasonable?

In this seminar, we will discuss these challenges and solutions using real working life examples. We will also speak about significant reform proposals: adjusting of copyright agreements and EU directive of trade secrets.

The programme

8:30 - 9:00

Registration and breakfast


Opening of the event

Employment law of specialist employees in 2014 

  • What are the current hot topics in workplaces and in the management groups?
  • Special challenges of information-intensive work and management work, for example 
    • measuring performance and results of the work 
    • equal treatment vs need for individual work arrangements
    • intervention to managing problems and amendments to Occupational Safety and Health Act
    • mental occupational health and safety

Maisa Nikkola, Head of Employment Group
Bird & Bird Attorneys Ltd.

Immaterial property rights of the employment relationships in 2014

  • Employees' changes of workplaces and immaterial property rights
  • Practical experiences about successful and un-successful practises
  • Softwares encoded and inventions made outside of working hours
    • Who owns them according to legislation?
    • What can be agreed on and how?
  • What new is coming in the future? 
    • EU directive of trade secrets 
    • Adjusting of copyright agreements

Ella Mikkola, Head of Intellectual Property Group
Bird & Bird Attorneys Ltd.

Question & Answer clinic about working life

Our experts will answer to the questions you have sent in advance and ask on the spot.

Seminar ends