Food & Beverage seminar - cancelled

09 October 2009

As part of our successful series of international food and drink seminars, Bird & Bird is holding its latest seminar in Cologne, which will discuss the issues and developments that are currently affecting the Food & Beverage industry in Germany and across Europe.

At present, the entire food industry is looking at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) with anticipation. In the coming weeks and months, the EFSA will be submitting proposals to the European Commission on which nutrition and health claims should be admissible in the future for certain product groups. Therefore, the food industry is faced with the question of whether legal remedies can be sought against decisions made by the European Commission.

Further, the technologies in the food industry are becoming more and more complex and are increasingly are being protected by patents. This raises another question as to what options are available for the food industry to enforce protection under patent law and, if necessary, defend itself against unjustified third party claims.

To address these questions and others affecting the industry, the seminar will include presentations from leading Bird & Bird lawyers and industry experts and will take place alongside the world's leading food and beverage trade fair, ANUGA.

If you would like to attend this seminar or require more information, please contact