Engaging the Cloud: Legal issues for your business to consider when using cloud/virtual services and applications

19 April 2012

Most of us will already use cloud computing in our personal online lives. Many of us will already be using cloud computing in our working lives. This trend is set to grow.

Our commercial associates held a seminar about the legal and business implications of cloud computing focussing on the legal issues in respect of cloud computing for business users. This seminar provided insight into various cloud computing services and discussed the key legal and business issues you need to consider in contracting for and using cloud services. We also discussed the growing business trend of transitioning an organisation to a cloud computing environment.

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The programme

17.30 - 18.00
Registration and refreshments

18.00 - 18.05
Welcome and introduction

 18.05 - 18.55
An introduction to cloud computing, including information on:

  • Types of cloud services (e.g. SaaS and IaaS),
  • The benefits and risks of cloud computing.

Transitioning your business to cloud computing, including information on:

  • Cloud computing commercial models,
  • Due diligence - security and quality assurance,
  • Negotiating cloud agreements and cloud specific legal issues,
  • Outsourcing and cloud computing.

18.55 - 19.00


Karl Delport, Associate - Commercial (Chair)
Barry Jennings, Associate - Commercial
Andrea Garford-Tull, Associate - Commercial
Peter Lee, Associate - Commercial 

19.00 - 21.00
Drinks and canapes