Healthcare in China: Big Risk, Big Business (Hong Kong)

17 September 2015

1:30pm - 5:00pm

Club Lusitano, 27/F Club Lusitano, 16 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong

China faces many challenges in its healthcare policies. An ageing population accounts for 10% of people over 65. A growing middle class has increased expectation for quality and diversity of healthcare options. The public hospital system is straining from overload. The State Council ranks public hospital reform as its top priority.

The opportunities arising from these challenges are many. Foreign investment is broadly permitted, and often encouraged. If direct ownership is not desirable, the desire for expertise in hospital management has opened the market for entrusted management arrangements. There is a coming diversification of revenue away from mark-up on medication, to service-based fees, which will gather pace as the medical insurance market opens.

No reward comes without risk… and there are risks aplenty. The regulatory climate is still uncertain. There are institutional challenges to overcome to transform bureaucratic governance to efficient patient service delivery. The horizon for greenfield investments is long-term, and beyond the usual term for private equity investments. Nonetheless, there are few sectors that hold a brighter outcome in the risk/reward matrix than healthcare in China.

Bird & Bird and FTI Consulting are pleased to invite you to join us for a seminar to explore opportunities and risk mitigation strategies when investing in the China healthcare industry.

Our session will provide a 360° view of:

  • The current investment landscape
  • The available investment options and transaction structures
  • The regulatory environment
  • The identification and treatment of risks

We will also present a panel briefing on other hot topics in the sector.


  • Alison Wong, Head of Life Sciences Practice - Asia Pacific, Bird & Bird Hong Kong
  • Pádraig Walsh, Partner, Corporate Group, Bird & Bird Hong Kong
  • Bob Youill, Senior Managing Director, Global Risk and Investigations, FTI Consulting
  • Guest Speaker: Dr. Marie Charles, Managing General Partner, Tiger Healthcare 

    Those who will benefit from attending include:

    • Executive or General Counsel in a healthcare institution or service provider
    • Private equity or venture capital professional with investment portfolios in the China healthcare sector
    • Head of acquisitions in healthcare or life sciences
    • Senior Executive in the insurance industry

    Would you like to attend?