APAC Sexual Harassment Webinar

11 April 2018

09.00 (Pacific) 12.00 (Eastern)


Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – the Law and Challenges in the Asia-Pacific Region.

This webinar will look at the topical issue of sexual harassment in the workplace through an Asia-Pacific lens and will place local laws into a cultural and contemporary context. The topics covered will include:

  • A broad overview of sexual harassment laws in Asia-Pacific including recent trends and high profile legal developments across the region.
  • The specific legal framework in Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • Local issues and cultural nuances when dealing with sexual harassment.
  • A look to the future – what changes should companies operating in Asia-Pacific expect in the coming months and years.

The webinar is led by Pattie Walsh (Co-Head of our Asia-Pacific International Employment Group) as well as members of our highly regarded International Employment team from Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore - Kristy Peacock-Smith, Lorraine Sun, Sarah Blennerhassett and Shu Yi Chye.

Login and dial-in details are available after sign-up. Details will also be circulated in advance of the webinar in a separate e-mail for your reference.


  • 10:00am (China/Hong Kong/Singapore/Malaysia/Perth)
  • 11:00am (Japan/South Korea)
  • 12:00pm (Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra/Brisbane)

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