Trade secrets in the workplace: How to protect your knowhow when employees leave or join the company?

18 February 2016

12:00 - 14:00

Bird & Bird, Avenue Louise 235, 1050 Brussels

The protection of trade secrets has received increased interest in Europe over the last two years. This even led to a new European Directive which aims at harmonising levels of existing protection for various types of trade secrets across member states.

Trade secret protection policies will need more consideration when this future Directive will need to be implemented in Belgian law. It will give companies more rights to protect and assert trade secrets against competitors. A company's relationship with its former and future employees will hereby play an important role.

  • Which skills and experience can an employee freely take with when moving to a competitor, and which trade secrets must be respected?
  • How can trade secrets impact your products and services?
  • How can companies avoid disputes when hiring or firing skilled staff?
  • How to monitor the use - and abuse - of trade secrets without violating privacy laws?

Bird & Bird Trade Secret specialists Bruno Vandermeulen, Christophe Delmarcelle, Domien Op de Beeck and Anton Aerts will touch upon these and other issues from different angles.

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