Butterworths' Conferences / LexisNexis : Enforcing & Protecting Trade Marks

18 October 2011

Trade mark law is evolving rapidly in Europe’s highest courts. Following the recent L’Oreal v eBay decision, online marketplaces are no longer able to claim exemption from liability of trade mark infringements. The interrelationship between community trade marks and the UK trade mark system is subject to intense scrutiny and a number of eagerly anticipated judgments including Interflora v M&S and Nokia v HMRC are set to transform the current legal landscape still further.

Butterworths’ Enforcing & Protecting Trade Marks conference will explore a plethora of topics from customs regulation in relation to counterfeit goods to the interface between trade marks, the internet and social media.

Chaired by Peter Brownlow of Bird & Bird LLP, Butterworths’ unrivalled speaker panel, including panellists from industry, will provide you with a deep understanding of these critical developments to ensure the effective enforcement and protection of trade marks.

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