International Arbitration of Intellectual Property Disputes seminar

16 September 2009

Bird & Bird and the Arbitration and Mediation Center of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) are holding the International Arbitration of Intellectual Property Disputes seminar on Wednesday 16 September.

With a view to securing neutrality, flexibility, efficiency and expedited transnational enforcement, parties are increasingly resorting to international arbitration to resolve existing or future disputes involving intellectual property rights.  Because both IP and international arbitration constitute highly specialised and complex fields, their convergence may create serious issues.  If such potential issues are not considered when discussing arbitration agreements or are not properly handled after commencement of proceedings, some of the objectives sought by resorting to international arbitration may not be achieved.

Against this backdrop, Bird & Bird and WIPO have organised this seminar with a view to helping in-house lawyers and clients reap the benefits of submitting an IP dispute to international arbitration.  The speakers will discuss the framework and mechanics of international arbitration and provide guidance and suggestions as to how to deal with issues that might arise whilst the parties are negotiating the inclusion of an agreement to arbitrate, during the conduct of the proceedings, after an award has been rendered and at a potential international enforcement stage.

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