Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT)

standOUT - pride without prejudice

We have an active LGBT group in place, StandOut, who run various internal and external events and initiatives to raise awareness and educate all employees about our LGBT community.

The StandOut network provides a supportive framework for our LGBT+ staff and Allies by representing their views and promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion both internally and externally.

The network's mission statement is to:
  • ensure an inclusive and respectful environment for all staff;
  • raise awareness of and represent the views and issues of LGBT+ staff and Allies;
  • provide a support network for LGBT+ staff and Allies;
  • provide a support network for staff with LGBT+ family and friends;
  • provide personal and professional development for the network members;
  • offer confidential support when needed; and
  • provide guidance to Bird & Bird as an employer on policy and how to enhance its diversity strategy.



Forward_lgbt network_logo

We are a member of the Dutch legal LGBT network Forward. Their mission is to promote the acceptance, recognition and visibility of LGBT’s within the Dutch legal profession. By organising meetings and networking events, Forward pursues the following goals: increasing diversity in its member organisations, creating a network for LGBT lawyers, and exchanging experiences and best practices.


StandOUT Video  

Associate Francesca Longsworth describes her experience at Bird & Bird and explains why it is important for law firms to be active around diversity and inclusion.