Pioneer programmeIn-line with PRIME, an alliance of law firms and legal departments across the UK who have committed to broaden access into the legal profession, we launched our Pioneer Programme in 2012. Pioneer is a social mobility and talent development programme which establishes long-term relationships with students from underrepresented backgrounds from the age of 14 onwards. Pioneer actively addresses and tackles the barriers which deter students from disadvantaged background from entering the legal profession.

Our Pioneer Programme aims to:
  • provide insight, inspiration and information about careers in the legal profession and wider business world, as well as a chance to learn about and develop the key skills that employers are looking for
  • provide targeted support to children over a 4 year period from Year 10 (age 14/15) to Year 13 (age 17/18) including one weeks’ work experience during Year 12
  • identify students who would otherwise not have access to such opportunities
  • properly prepare students for the decisions they will have to make as they decide what career path to embark on, including the relevance of university education
  • provide a framework for continued support during and after the 4 year period.

We have worked with Central Foundation Girls School since 2012 and introduced Lambeth Academy in 2014 in order to further increase diversity. We currently have 45 students on the programme and 13 students on our Alumni.

Students attend our offices at 15 Fetter Lane three times per academic year in Years 10 and 11 (once per term) and for one week's paid work experience in Year 12. Once work experience has been completed, students will be given a certificate of participation and invited to join the Pioneer Alumni in Year 13. The year 13 students will also receive guidance on the transition between sixth form and further education.