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We have an active multicultural network, Embrace, which aims to promote and celebrate racial and cultural diversity in the workplace.

Embrace is a non-exclusive community that welcomes both members and allies of all cultural and racial backgrounds. The network provides a supportive community for our employees who relate to, identify with, appreciate or celebrate culture, religion, history and experience.

The network's mission statement is to:

Raise awareness of multiculturalism in the workplace, as well as on cultural and historical occasions of importance to the BAME community (e.g. Black History Month)

Create an internal network for supporting, sharing and celebrating racial and cultural diversity within Bird & Bird

Collaborate with HR and leadership at Bird & Bird towards enhancing its diversity policy and recruitment strategies, and continuing to engage with and give back BAME communities.

Social Events
Demonstrate through music and food how multi-cultures have a good time!

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Embracing the spotlight

 Embracing the Spotlight with Rex


Embracing the spotlight with Rex Bautista

Rex Bautista, Client Relationship Executive describes his experience working at Bird & Bird.

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 Embracing the Spotlight with Ronald Hendrix  

Embracing the spotlight with Ronald Hendrikx

Ronald Hendrikx, Partner of Bird & Bird's Commercial Group, explains the benefits of diversity in the workplace.

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 Embracing the spotlight with Naveen Qureshi  

Embracing the spotlight with Naveen Fosker

Naveen Fosker, Employment Associate, describes her experience working at Bird & Bird.

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 Embracing the Spotlight with Rachel Callendar  

Embracing the spotlight with Rachel Welch-Phillips

Associate Rachel Welch-Phillips offers some insight on what it's like working at Bird & Bird.

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Bird & Bird celebrates Black History Month: A brief account of black history in Britain

In celebration of Black History Month, please allow members of Embrace and our special guests to take you on an engaging journey through time, providing a true look at the Black history of Britain that you most probably were not taught in school. 

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