Bird & Bird in the Netherlands has its own CSR committee. In the last two years the committee has become a charity partner of local CSR initiatives in The Hague with Stichting Samen Lachen (for more information see below) and set up numerous initiatives to sponsor them including a charity auction. A number of The Hague employees have, in their own time, volunteered for Stichting Samen Lachen. Furthermore the CSR Committee has launched an initiative with Stichting Samen Lachen and continues to increase awareness among employees with regard to CSR and local initiatives employees and the office can partake in.

As of January 2021 the CSR committee in The Hague has also become a proud sponsor and partner of JINC (for more information see below) and we are currently working with them in providing job application trainings and more after the successful pilot conducted in November and December of 2020.

Stichting Samen Lachen

One of our Charity Partners is Stichting Samen Lachen, a national charity dedicated to offer free outings to children who do not otherwise have this opportunity, which can result in social exclusion and can hamper their development. In addition to entertaining and unburdening the children, Stichting Samen Lachen also tries to educate them by introducing them to new aspects of society, for example by taking them to museums.

Our The Hague office currently partners with the The Hague branch of Stichting Samen Lachen. By our fundraising, we have been able to fund almost a year's worth of outings for Stichting Samen Lachen.

To find out more about our Charity Partner, please click here (in Dutch).

Our employees are welcome to volunteer for Stichting Samen Lachen. Any costs related to such volunteering will be covered by the CSR-committee.

Stichting Samen Lachen


Since January 2021 our firm is a proud sponsor and partner of JINC Den Haag.

JINC strives for a society in which a child’s background does not determine a child’s future, a society in which every child gets a fair chance. In order to reach that goal, JINC helps young people between 8 and 16 years of age to a good start in the labour market. Through the JINC programme they get acquainted with various professions, find out what kind of work suits their talents, and learn how to apply for a job. That is how every year JINC gives more than 65,000 children the opportunity to grow.

For more information about JINC please click here.

JINC Den Haag

Stichting Jarige Job

We collect gifts for Stichting Jarige Job to contribute to their annual collection campaign with PostNL during the holiday season. They make sure that these gifts get to children throughout the year who, due to lack of money at home, do not receive presents themselves on their birthdays.

For more information about the collection campaign, please click here (in Dutch).

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