We help a number of charities through volunteer work, pro bono advice and financial assistance. See some examples of the work we do with them below.

Spain: European data protection day

Javier Fernández-Samaniego

To celebrate the 31st anniversary of the European Day of Data Protection and Privacy, on 15 February 2012, Paula Fernández-Longoria and Javier Fernández-Samaniego held a training session on privacy issues for teenage students in an educational centre of Madrid. The European Data Protection Day was first celebrated in 1981 when the Convention no. 108 on the protection of individuals with regard to the automated processing of personal data was adopted in Strasbourg. Today, with the increase in social media sites and internet use, children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to data protection and privacy issues.

Paula Fernández-LongoriaThis marks the fourth year that our Data Protection team in Madrid has participated in this initiative which is warmly welcomed by the students and school administration. The team’s presentation included videos highlighting the risks of social networks. Although the task of explaining the importance of personal privacy to teenagers remains challenging, the session was a great success and finished up with an interactive discussion with teachers and the school’s director. 

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Spain: Emalaikat Foundation

Emalaikat Foundation and Missionary Community

Our Madrid office recently collaborated with Emalaikat Foundation and Missionary Community of St Paul the Apostle to support their long-running project to help villagers in the remote desert areas between Kenya and Ethiopia who, among other misfortunes, suffer malnutrition as a result of severe droughts in the area. 

Fishing BoatThe project involves building fishing boats for the villagers who live on the coast of Lake Turkana, which, although is not safe to drink from, provides great fishing opportunities. Our team in Madrid has raised sufficient funds to build, maintain and purchase nets and other fishing tools for one fishing boat which now is ready. Over 50 people, including family members of the fishermen, will benefit from this contribution. The boat carries the name of Bird & Bird. 

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UK: Alzheimer's Society

Our London office has selected Alzheimer's Society as its charity of choice for 2016-2018.

Dementia can happen to anyone and there's currently no cure. There are 850,000 people with dementia in the UK and the number is set to rise to 1 million by 2021.

At Alzheimer's Society, they believe passionately that life doesn't end when dementia begins. They are there for anyone affected by dementia, and they do everything they can to keep people with dementia connected to their lives and the people who matter most.

They provide information and practical and emotional support to help people live well with dementia, and they invest in world-class research with the ultimate goal of defeating it.

UK: Quarterly Donations

As all London office wide fundraising goes to our Charity Partner, each quarter the London office Community Committee allow employees the opportunity to nominate individual Charities that they care about for a £250 - £500 donation.

We ask that the chosen charities meet the guidelines set out below:

Charities should:

  • be aligned with the firm's own values - this includes not having a particular political or religious focus
  • be people orientated (i.e. community focused)
  • have a connection with technology, education or the environment
  • not be part of a corporate programme

The following information must be provided:

  • Name of the charity
  • What they do
  • Where they are based
  • Ethos
  • What they would do with a small donation/how our donation could make a difference e.g. a specific project or activity*

These donations enable us to make a difference to the smaller charities that people support.

France: Les Baroudeurs de l’Espoir

On Sunday 9 October 2016, over 86 clients and members of Bird & Bird Paris participated in a semi-marathon, a 20-km circuit. They were encouraged and supported by colleagues, friends and family who all joined in to support NGO “Les Baroudeurs de l’Espoir”“Hope Missionaries”. The first help of “Les Baroudeurs de l’Espoir” goes to the civilian victims of Alep in Syria.

The excitement and motivation of the runners were reinforced by the fact that each kilometer they put behind them amounted to 5 € added to support the cause.

On Thursday following the event, a cocktail for the participants and organizers was held in the Paris office. All present were happy to exchange their impressions, to relive the sunny Sunday morning and to once again contribute to the cause by giving a donation to “Les Baroudeurs de l’Espoir”.

Alexandre Vuchot (Co-head of Paris office) said: " Why have we decided to support the NGO “Les Baroudeurs de l’espoir” Hope missionaries” through sport? Their humanitarian projects and their volunteer realization in the field that bring smiles back to those children, who must fight for survival every day, has affected us deeply. Every kilometer covered in this semi-marathon becomes not only a symbol of hope shared by the participants, but also the perfect opportunity to support the association and make it better known. We’re very much inspired to run this 20-km semi-marathon alongside the hope missionaries. It’s a big moment that we all feel a part of. We’re running for hope!”

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