Pattern is our new patent intelligence offering. It combines our extensive patent analytics expertise with a powerful, proprietary software tool. Pattern can landscape and value patent portfolios in an automated and sophisticated way. These insights form the basis for robust, data-driven advice on your patent portfolio strategy.

Pattern is indispensable in royalty rate valuations and licensing disputes, especially for essential patents. It is the only tool that can reconstruct accurate portfolio valuations at any historical date, for any company of interest.

Pattern can be used to provide advice on any matter that involves patents, including: M&A strategy and due diligence, portfolio management, freedom-to-operate searches and patent validity/infringement suits. For example by:

providing insights into the makeup of a portfolio;
cataloguing all the patents belonging to a company; or
priority mapping patent families.

  • Pattern informs your patent portfolio strategy, e.g. by identifying portfolio commercialisation opportunities, or informing you of efficiencies to make to your portfolio management.
  • Enables clear comparisons with competitors' or targets' portfolios.
  • Reduces the cost of patent-related tasks e.g. routine patent monitoring/analysis usually performed by lawyers (or third party search companies), and legal due diligence.
  • Advice and analysis is informed by legal strategy and vice versa.


If you'd like to know more about how twoBirds Pattern can help you, please contact Matthew Noble.

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Matthew Noble

Head of Patent Intelligence,