SCC Generator Tool

Bird & Bird’s SCC Generator Tool uses leading legal tech developer Bryter’s no-code platform to automate the production of EU Standard Contractual Clauses. Our contract management software it’s a simple and intuitive process that uses an interactive questionnaire to take organisations step-by-step through the process of producing these complex modular EU-mandated data transfer agreements. The SCC Generator Tool condenses the process into a few key decisions, aided by quick links to key contract terms and guidance on appropriate drafting options. It saves time for legal counsel and reduces the risk of human error, particularly where an organisation may need to prepare hundreds of agreements to repaper its vendors, clients and affiliates. The document automation enables organisations to produce standardised EU data transfer agreements quickly, efficiently and accurately on a large scale.

The SCC Generator Tool is free to use and is available here. Please get in touch with us if you would be interested in a bespoke version for your organisation:

  • with tailored/standardised data inputs;
  • which can be easily integrated with Docusign to create an expedited, paperless execution process; and
  • with automatic saving in your organisation’s contract management solution.




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