What is twobirdsFLEX?

twobirdsFLEX is a carefully selected pool of lawyers who work flexibly on full time or part time assignments for Bird & Bird clients. As a twobirdsFLEX lawyer, you can choose when you work, for example, only at certain times of the year. For our clients, this provides additional, trusted and flexible resource when it’s needed and for you, in exchange for the regularity of permanent employee status, being able to work in a more flexible way.

How do I become a twobirdsFLEX lawyer?

Identifying the right individual for the right role is top of our list. Additionally, we want all twobirdsFLEX lawyers to have knowledge of Bird & Bird’s unique client offer and sector focus. We therefore recruit our lawyers from the following sources:

  • Bird & Bird Alumni who are interested in returning to work at Bird & Bird but want the flexibility that a role with twobirdsFLEX can offer.
  • Existing employees who want to have increased flexibility in how, when and where they work.
  • Personal recommendation from a current employee or partner of Bird & Bird.

All prospective candidates will be asked to submit a CV and may be asked to participate in our bespoke selection and interview process.

What is on offer?

  • New joiners to twobirdsFLEX will receive an induction, depending on their background, prior to their first assignment. You will also receive a full briefing and debrief for each assignment with the sponsoring Partner.
  • As a twobirdsFLEX lawyer you will be able to attend Bird & Bird’s legal briefings and client events.
  • You will also have the option to use Bird & Bird’s offices when you are working on a twobirdsFLEX assignment.

What kind of work can I expect to do?

twobirdsFLEX lawyers work for the clients of Bird & Bird and opportunities are varied, typically falling in the following categories:

  • Working at a client’s office covering for a role or for a peak in activity.
  • Working remotely either from home or at Bird & Bird’s office but for a specific client.
  • Working for Bird & Bird covering for the absence of one of our Lawyers or a peak in activity.

What is the business model?

The majority of twobirdsFLEX lawyers are selfemployed consultants. You therefore will not work exclusively for twobirdsFLEX and will have the option to
work for other organisations. As a twobirdsFLEX lawyer you would typically be engaged through your personal services company on the basis of providing services to a client of Bird & Bird. twobirdsFLEX will contract with both you and the client.

Does twobirdsFLEX guarantee that assignments will be available?

We cannot guarantee that we will have an assignment for you when you are available to work. As a twobirdsFLEX lawyer you will have chosen to work on a freelance basis allowing you the flexibility.

How am I paid?

A daily rate will be agreed with you taking into account your experience and the market rates. We will also need to take into account the assignment that you will be working on and the type of work you will be doing. Your daily rate may vary between appointments. The majority of our twobirdsFLEX  lawyers operate through a personal services company and invoice us on a monthly basis. You will only be paid for days worked and not any days that you take off as holiday or absence.

Do I need to get my own professional indemnity insurance?

Whilst working on a twobirdsFLEX assignment you will be covered by Bird & Bird’s professional indemnity insurance. However if, as a freelancer, you work for anyone else you would need to check the position on their professional indemnity insurance.

Will twobirdsFLEX renew and manage my practising certificate?

No, it will be your responsibility to ensure you have a valid practising certificate.

Who do I contact to find out more?

In the first instance, to ask further questions or discuss informally, please contact:

Andrea Pankhurst
Head of HR
+44 (0)20 7905 6225
[email protected]