Our Environment team has been designed to meet the cross-sectoral environmental needs of our international client base. We believe that as environmental law grows in complexity, scope and implications, the way we assist our clients with the environmental elements in acquisitions, developments, innovation and compliance must keep pace.

Our Environment Group acts across sectors for a large number of international and local companies, organisations and governments. Our lawyers advise on the environmental elements of mergers & acquisitions, product compliance, infrastructure & construction, water & waste management, climate change and renewable energy, as well as assisting with the interpretation and implementation of regulation.

Our practice is driven by a commercial and comprehensive understanding of the implications of environmental law for our clients.  We are particularly strong in relation to climate change and energy management regulation, allocation of liability for contamination, environmental legislation and risk registers and product compliance.

Bird & Bird & the Environment

Recent highlights of work



Joanna Ketteley and Michael Rudd: The impact of Brexit on environmental businesses –Infrastructure Intelligence, 15 November 2017

Joanna Ketteley and Veronica Webster: The carbon challenges in the aviation industry  - Environmental Law & Management, 21 April 2017

Kristina Forsbacka: Article on Climate Acts presented at the Nordic Lawyer Meeting (Nordiska Juristmötet) 24-25 August 2017 on the topic whether a Climate Act will provide a better climate ("Kan en klimatlag ge ett bättre klimat?")

Kristina Forsbacka: Article in the legal publication ERT (Europarättslig Tidskrift) issued by Stockholm University "Ålands Vindkraft – EU moving towards market based and cost effective support to green energy. Will nationally restricted support schemes be phased out?" Cowriter is Camilla Rosenberg, Chief Legal Officer at the Swedish Energy Agency

Kristina Forsbacka: Article in the legal publication Juridisk Tidskrift Debatt on a parent company's liability for its subsidiary's environmental debt: "Ny miljörisk för moderbolag. Finansiering av dotterbolag kan medföra direkt ansvar för miljöskuld". Cowriters were LL D. Malou Larsson, Birgit Flening, Director of Sustainability, Ernst & Young and Karin Dunér, Advokat

Matthias Lang: Approval procedure for electromagnetic fields (sec. 3, 4 BImSchV)

Matthias Lang: Requirements for the establishment of high pressure Gas-pipelines (sec. 1-4);

Matthias Lang: Euromoney Expert Guide Energy and Environment 2017, page 7,8, article “The Digitalization of the Energiewende”