English contract law in practice

05 November 2015

13:30 Uhr

Bird & Bird LLP
Marienstrasse 15
60329 Frankfurt am Main

Ein halbtägiges Seminar zum englischen Vertragsrecht mit zusätzlichen rechtsvergleichenden Anmerkungen aus deutscher Perspektive.

This seminar, held in English, is designed to provide international businesses based in Germany with some essential know-how and tools about English contract law, beyond the jargon. It is relevant for anyone in legal or commercial departments dealing with contracts governed by English law. The session will be led by Bird & Bird partner and experienced presenter Andrew White, and highlights core principles and practical illustrations. Andrew will highlight some important developments in the last 12 months on some topics which he covered in last years seminar.

Andrew will be joined by Bird & Bird partner Dr. Matthias Winter, and Of Counsel, Prof. Dr. Benjamin von Bodungen, who will contribute valuable explanations from the German perspective. Andrew will also provide some written knowhow and tools for delegates from Bird & Bird's Knowledge Development System the Solutions Lab®.

Das Programm

Part 1:
Building blocks of English law.... and how they are changing
This section highlights some fundamental aspects of English law which are evolving:•'Good faith' in English commercial law
  • Filling in gaps in a contract: implied terms
  • New thinking on forming a contract
Part 2:
Jargon-busting on some core contract concepts
In this section Andrew will summarise some core English contract law concepts in a practical way and Matthias and Benjamin will provide comments:•Reasonable and best endeavours
  • Material breach
  • Gross negligence
  • Direct, indirect and consequential loss
Part 3:
Essential features of English court procedure

We will provide an outline of various key features of court procedure: •the role of 'solicitors' and 'barristers'
  • the concept of 'privilege'
  • 'discovery' process in court litigation, and some rules of evidence, and how courts allocate legal costs of the parties.


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