Special rules for special categories of data

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Special rules for special categories of personal data

Belgium 28.07.2017 n/a
Czech Republic 29.06.2017 n/a
Denmark 29.06.2017 n/a
Finland 02.08.2017 The Working Group has proposed a special permission for insurance companies to process special categories of personal data as well as data related to criminal convictions and offences for the purposes of clarifying their liabilities. Insurance companies do not have the right to process genetic data.
France 29.06.2017 n/a
Germany 07.08.2017 § 22 stipulates a general framework for the processing of sensitive data, including rules on health data.
Ireland  12.09.2017  The General Scheme envisages the making of secondary legislation permitting the processing of special categories of data where “necessary for reasons of substantial public interest”.  
Italy 28.06.2017 n/a
Netherlands 28.06.2017 Draft Act provides that controllers may declare articles 15, 16 and 18 GDPR inapplicable. Data subjects will not have rights of access, rectification or restriction of processing for this data.
Poland 01.08.2017 n/a
Spain 27.07.2017 In draft Bill individual's consent will not serve as legitimate ground for processing ideological, trade union membership, sexual orientation, beliefs or ethnic origin data. Additional grounds are needed.
Sweden 17.07.2017 n/a
UK 07.08.2017 Current additional conditions (ie secondary legislation under Schedule 3 DPA) to be re-enacted. UK approach of permitting processing of criminal offence data where a condition for processing sensitive personal data can be met to be re-enacted.