Scientific, historical or statistical purposes

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Scientific, historical or statistical purposes

Belgium 28.07.2017 n/a
Czech Republic 29.06.2017 n/a
Denmark 29.06.2017 n/a
Finland 02.08.2017 The Working Group proposal includes provisions on processing for scientific, historical or statistical purposes. The proposal provides derogations and safeguards in accordance with Article 89 GDPR. As such, these are not new rules in Finland but mostly already applicable law under Personal Data Act. This means that processing for scientific, historical or statistical purposes is permissible as long as safeguards in Article 89 GDPR and under the new Data Protection Act are met.
France 29.06.2017 n/a
Germany 07.08.2017 Yes - § 27 permits processing of sensitive data without consent for scientific or historical research and for statistical purposes if the processing is necessary for these purposes and the data controller’s interest to process that data significantly outweighs the data subject’s interest. To safeguard the interests of the data subject, the data controller must apply certain "suitable and specific" measures. The provision also contains additional restrictions of the data subjects' rights in the context of a processing for research and statistical purposes, setting out the requirements for the publication of such data.

§§ 32-37 also contain other (general) restrictions of data subjects' rights on the basis of Art. 23 GDPR.
Ireland  12.09.2017  The General Scheme envisages an exemption from specified rights provided for under GDPR for data processed for scientific or historical research purposes or statistical purposes, subject to certain conditions.
Italy 28.06.2017 n/a
Netherlands 28.06.2017 Draft Act provides that controllers may declare articles 15, 16 and 18 GDPR inapplicable. Data subjects will not have rights of access, rectification or restriction of processing for this data.
Poland 01.08.2017 n/a
Spain 27.07.2017 Draft Bill allows for processing by public statistic bodies.
Sweden 17.07.2017 n/a
UK 07.08.2017 Derogations to be introduced as permitted by GDPR; additional current conditions for processing sensitive personal data for research purposes to be re-enacted.