Stage of legislative progress 
Eg. pre-consultation, in consultation

DPA published draft on 27 January 2017. Awaiting publication of draft legislation.

Approach to implementation 
Eg. amendments to existing law, total repeal of old laws

Current Data Protection Law will be repealed and replaced by new legislation. GIODO will be replaced by a new DP authority.

Timescale for implementation 
Eg. pre-consultation, in consultation

Consultation expected late 2017.

Areas where Member States must have local laws:

Personal data and freedom of expression 

Draft Act provides that Act will not apply where personal data is processed for journalistic purposes or for the purposes
of academic, artistic or literary expressions.


Criminal sanctions restricted to most severe infringements. DPA may give admonitions instead of financial penalties for minor infringements. Financial penalties for public bodies will be limited to approx. 25,000 EUR.

Areas where Member States may have local laws:

Professional secrecy 

DPA's right of access to information and personal data will be limited by professional secrets.

Scientific, historical or statistical purposes 




Personal data of deceased persons 


Children online

Expect new legislation to decrease to 13.

Special rules for special categories of data

Genetic, biometric or health data


Designation of a Data Protection Officer


National identification numbers/any other identifier of general application



Any other areas under discussion
Ministry of Digitalisation to create an administrative and a civil procedure for data subjects to pursue their rights.