Stage of legislative progress 
Eg. pre-consultation, in consultation

GDPR implementation report approved by French National Assembly.

Approach to implementation 
Eg. amendments to existing law, total repeal of old laws

This proposal will abrogate the current Personal Data Act. 

Timescale for implementation 
Eg. pre-consultation, in consultation

French Parliament to review draft legislation by December 2017. Implementing decrees to be issued by May 2018.

Areas where Member States must have local laws:

Personal data and freedom of expression 



Legislation expected on collective redress for GDPR breaches.

Areas where Member States may have local laws:

Professional secrecy 


Scientific, historical or statistical purposes 

The Working Group proposal includes provisions on processing for scientific, historical or statistical purposes. The proposal provides derogations and safeguards in accordance with the art 89 GDPR. Not as such new rules in Finland but mostly already applicable law under Personal Data Act. This means that processing for scientific, historical or statistical purposes is permissible as long as safeguards in art. 89 (1)GDPR and under (new) Finnish Data Protection Act are met.



Personal data of deceased persons 


Children online


Special rules for special categories of data

Genetic, biometric or health data

Report expresses need to legislate on health data and related processing activities.

Designation of a Data Protection Officer

Obligation of secrecy for DPOs to be included in new legislation.

National identification numbers/any other identifier of general application



Any other areas under discussion

Report expresses need for clarification of data portability right provided by GDPR compared with data portability right in French Digital Republic law.