Restructuring best practice


As global markets move from traditional to knowledge-based economies, businesses of all sizes face potential disruption, including operational restructuring. In this video, partner Philip Hartman looks at how businesses can minimise disruption during a restructuring process.

Other topics covered include:

  • What defines a European structuring, and which European countries have the most substantial differences in terms of restructuring processes
  • What are differentiates the EU and the US across the entire restructuring process?
  • What are the phases that are involved with a restructuring procedure?
  • Why the preparatory phase is the most important (and often overlooked) phase of any restructuring
  • The importance of using a multidisciplinary team to advise on any restructuring
  • Why a structuring project team should always comprise representatives from finance, supply chain, corporate affairs, HR as well as an employment law expert.
  • How Bird & Bird can help clients when faced with a difficult decision over restructuring.

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